It's Complicated

Relationships are some of greatest weapons that Satan uses against young peoples. He know cost of compromising in dating and staying in toxic relationships can have the most catastrophic consequences for their emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

  • Age appropriate small group discussion
  • English to Spanish translation available


  • Relationship Coach - Pastor Sandi Colón
  • Specialist in Couples & Marriage Counselling, Dr. Shion O’Connor.


The relationship seminar was powerful and a real eye opener for those in attendance. Speakers, breakout sessions were all relevant, inspiring, and moving.

Ivor Myers

Attending the FTH “It’s Complicated” 1 night event was a refreshing experience and much needed. The points made by the speakers were honest, relevant, and digestible with supporting biblical concepts and references. I really valued the age appropriate break out sessions as I was able to engage with the main speaker. Being a women contemplating future relationships, I have a better understanding of the psychological factors that affects relationships and the importance of seeking premarital counseling. I didn’t know how critical it was until that night!

Alina (age 28)

Thank you so much for the vespers it really helped my boyfriend understand that the way he was treating me was wrong. I really enjoyed the age appropriate small group discussions. It allowed us to shares our thoughts and concerns without feeling intimidated.

Anonymous (age 15)

I really enjoyed the seminar that FTH put on because it touched on so many important topics regarding successful and healthy relationships that are not always brought to light, especially in Adventism. Many people prefer not to talk about them because they are a little “touchy”, but I was pleasantly surprised when the speakers spoke on them throughout the seminar. I wish I would’ve known the many things that were mentioned when I was younger!

Olivia (age 23)

The relationship seminar put on by fight the hate was a breath of fresh air. It is good to know we have people who are fighting to show how to have a biblical relationship in a world that tries to make us believe we have to conform to modern cultural norms. There were topics that were brought up that I wish I had heard about as a teenager in the church. I hope similar discussions can be had throughout our conference and our church.

Pastor Isai (age 23)

I really wish to commend the Fight the Hate leadership for the incredible job they are doing

Dr. Shion O'Connor